STITCHED Lissa Jane de Sailles & Cyndy Kitt Vogelsang

Stitched Flyer

Cyndy Kitt Vogelsang


Sewing is natural as breathing to me and rarely difficult; even when the work itself was hard as it was when I worked in factories as a production machinist when I first left school at 15. Sewing has been my trade and a means to an end rather than a deep passion.

Illustration is just part of my design process, normally I like to work fast with cheap materials, my hand is untrained and even when I work with paint or ink, I am drawing.

I love words and stories, though spelling and formal grammar do not come easy and there are days when I feel the weight of leaving school so young. Still, I have the writer’s compulsion and as a mature age student earned a Dip Art in Professional Writing at RMIT (graduating in 2006). When I write, I’m slow and pedantic; I roll the words around in my mouth and indulge in the shape of them on a page.

I see a connection between stitching, illustration and writing; drafting patterns and drafting tales, and getting the fit and details “just right”. These thoughts inspired a poem I wrote in 2010. Cutting the Cloth metaphorically entwines sewing, writing, art and life, and the dangers of being too hasty or too hesitant. I have taken these words and painted them in the style of an early 20th century haberdasher’s sign and stitched the canvas panels to cloth banners for my key works (Seamstress Advice #1 & #2) for this exhibition.

Maker of clothes
Fold the virgin cloth
Mark, Measure, Cut . . . ?
Hesitate . . . ? Meditate!
Take care once cut
It can never again be whole

Weaver of dreams
The fabric of your life
Remains on a roll
Fearing an error
You commit a greater sin
For cloth has a duty and a right to be worn

© Cyndy Kitt Vogelsang, May 2015


Lissa-Jane de Sailles


I have been stitching most of my life in one way or another. Patterning, counting and manual dexterity are skills that were learned with ease and enthusiasm”

My process is mainly intuitive and I have tried not to follow any rules or inhibit myself by listening to my inner critic. I have merely created a collection of objects that reflects a small part of my rich inner life.


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