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Photography has interested me for as long as I can remember. I take photos when something captures my imagination or truly makes me wonder. The idea of being able to capture an image instantly that will never be exactly the same again is appealing. The beauty of nature and flowers has been a major influence for me; the unbelievable colours nature can produce are amazing. But my photography is not limited by one category I find constant inspiration on a daily basis.

Monica Hilzinger STITCHED METAL

This is my second exhibition at squid the space has offered me inspiration along with the ability to produce works that are true to me and where my thoughts and ideas are heading. Metal has been a medium I have been playing with for quite a few years the constant collection of shapes and how they work together is always alluring. For this exhibition I wanted to explore another way other than welding for joining. I introduced plaster, a fascinating medium. A powder that will become strong enough to hold metal and contrast with the rusty dark elements of metal.


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